Elephant Eden becoming paradise lost?

bosolifant CARRemember that scene from Jurassic Park when the two paleontologists see the herds of living dinosaurs for the first time? Their eyes widen in disbelief, mouths agape, unable to speak. Richard Carroll, vice president for Africa at WWF in Washington, describes when he felt that sensation: with the forest elephants in the Central African Republic.

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Elite troups to protect elephants in Cameroon

Cameroon has decided to mobilize over 600 soldiers and a helicopter of its elite Bataillon d´intervention rapide (BIR – Rapid Intervention Battalion) to stop poachers from entering its territory to kill elephants for their ivory.

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Benzinetekort politieauto’s Windhoek

Police NamibiaEr is een groot tekort aan bezine voor de politieauto’s in Windhoek, de hoofdstad van Namibië. Het gemeentelijk opslagbedrijf van benzine en diesel is vergeten brandstof te bestellen. Een groot deel van het politiekorps kan zijn auto’s nu niet laten rijden.

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WWF launches campaign wildlife crime

In response to record poaching rates, WWF launches a global campaign calling governments to combat illegal wildlife trade and reduce demand for illicit endangered species products. Demand for ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts from consumer markets in Asia is driving wild populations dangerously close to extinction. [Lees meer…]

Female sex workers Botswana always at risk

Sex workers in BotswanaRejected by their communities they are, the ‘ladies of the night’ of Botswana.  The female sex workers are not only at risk of being robbed in the streets or assaulted by clients, they also have to contend with stigma from health care providers as well as abuse and rape by law enforcement officers.

“Tens of thousands elephants killed in 2011”

Although the latest figures have yet to be published, Secretary-General John Scanlon of CITES already reports the illegal killings of elephants in Africa is likely to run into tens of thousands in 2011. At the ongoing rate, according to Scanlon,  illegal activities are pushing the species to extinction.

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Hope for threatened elephants Central Africa

Central African countries signed a groundbreaking regional plan to strengthen law enforcement and better combat poaching of elephants and other species at risk from illegal wildlife trade.

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Internationale diamant conferentie Zimbabwe

gekleurde diamanten Zimbabwe

Cognac kleurige diamant

Zimbabwe is het gastland voor een internationale diamant conferentie.  Het congres wordt in Victoria Falls gehouden op 12 en 13 juli.  Een belangrijk onderwerp is de veranderende handel in de waardevolle stenen.  [Lees meer…]

CSI for wildlife in Kenya one step closer

Kenya wants to start a forensics and molecular biology laboratory, to enhance studies in population genetics and reduce poaching activities by providing credible prosecutorial evidence in court. The plans for the ‘wildlife CSI’ have now received a major boost, following the promise of a renowed American Institute to provide for the money for equipment.

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China targets illegal wildlife trade

Conservationists often accuse China of not doing sufficient in the fight against illegal wildlife trade, but the country seems to step up its efforts. China has recently not only established an inter-agency CITES group – and is rewarded by CITES for its operations this year- , the Chinese are also cooperating with TRAFFIC to train hundreds of police.

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