Elite troups to protect elephants in Cameroon

Cameroon has decided to mobilize over 600 soldiers and a helicopter of its elite Bataillon d´intervention rapide (BIR – Rapid Intervention Battalion) to stop poachers from entering its territory to kill elephants for their ivory.

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Kleurverlies bij verkeerd bewerken diamant

Kleurverlies treedt op bij het verkeerd bewerken van een ruwe diamant en dat is een kostbare zaak, zo wordt mij duidelijk gemaakt op dag 48 van het Twitterdagboek. Diamantair Shimansky uit Kaapstad koopt elke twee weken diamanten in bij een mijn buiten Johannesburg.



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Hope for threatened elephants Central Africa

Central African countries signed a groundbreaking regional plan to strengthen law enforcement and better combat poaching of elephants and other species at risk from illegal wildlife trade.

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IFAW: Elephant population halved in Cameroon

At least 50 per cent of the elephant population of Cameroon’s Bouba Ndjida National Park is dead, says IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare . They have been killed in a bloody poaching spree by horseback bandits.   [Lees meer…]

Help for the rare Cross River gorilla

The Cross River gorilla was considered extinct until the 1980s, when it was sighted in its only known habitat. With fewer than 300 individuals of this unique subspecies remaining, it is the most endangered African ape. But there is good news as governments and conservation groups work to protect the gorilla and its habitat.

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In 20 jaar niet zoveel olifanten gestroopt

Despite recent attempts by soldiers in Cameroon to stop the mass slaughter of elephants, poachers are continuing to kill the animals in record numbers, the World Wildlife Fund said Thursday.  Tom Milliken, director of the wildlife trade monitoring netwerk TRAFFIC: “There has been an increased poaching assault like we haven’t seen in two decades.”

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War on elephant poachers

murdered elephant in CameroonThree African countries – Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya – are taking up arms against elephant poachers, who have killed hundreds of the gentle grey giants within the past few weeks.

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Rare monkey subject in climate research

the monkey Mandrillus leocophaeus is subject in climate researchScientists are studying a rare African monkey that’s endangered both from climate change and humans. They hope the primate’s past can give clues to the future effects of rising temperatures.

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SOS voor de olifant in Kameroen

Mid last month, news came from the North Region that as many as 200 elephants had been killed by poachers in the Boubanjida National Park in January and early February alone. [Lees meer…]