New steps in conservation mountain gorilla

Virunga, baby gorillaThe three countries home to mountain gorillas have agreed on new measures to conserve the critically endangered animals. They also made decisions to maximize the economic benefits these great apes bring to local communities.

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One site wildlife Uganda to boost tourism

Uganda Wildlife Authority  launched a wildlife portal featuring all the 10 national parks, game reserves and activities UWA is undertaking to preserve Uganda’s precious wildlife and protected areas. It is designed to promote Uganda as a premier tourist destination to a global market.

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Chances by cooperation for tourism East Africa

Endowed with enduring natural diversity, great climate, rich cultures and receptive people, East Africa is one of Africa’s leading tourism destinations. However, players in the tourism sector argue that the region would perhaps be performing much better if instituted strategies are respected, for instance, marketing the region’s tourism sector as a single tourism destination.

Oil drilling plans in World Heritage Site Virunga

A British oil company, SOCO, and others including Total, are looking to explore for oil reserves in the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Genetische code gorilla ontrafeld

Researchers in Cambridge have deciphered the genetic code of the gorilla – the last of the Great Ape genuses to be sequenced. Writing in the journal Nature, the scientists say that researchers can now begin to examine the similarities and differences between the apes.

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Uganda has a special police for tourists

map of UgandaA unit of hundreds of police officers is responsible for the protection and security of all tourists in Uganda. [Lees meer…]