Clean town Windhoek Namibia

Windhoek the capital of Namibia is a clean town, probably one of the cleanest in Africa. Every day many street sweepers do their work  with a gerat result. You just have to look around you to notice how well-kept and litter free our town is – a quality that has not gone unnoticed by visitors and tourists alike who marvel at our high living standards and unpolluted living environment. Even outside the city you are warned for dirt (see picture).No dirt in Windhoek

But to keep this up requires daily attention from teams of street sweepers or ward cleaners who are employed to keep our Capital’s streets, sidewalks, pavements and general appearance in ship-shape, so that we can be proud of our town and enjoy its attractive benefits.

Now with more and more women entering the workforce, gone are the days when labouring in the streets with brooms and shovels was confined to men only. Today it is a common sight to see groups of ladies out there making a career for themselves, and playing an import role in our society. Woema caught up with some of these ladies this week who were busy clearing away a pile of litter from a busy intersection in town, and going about their duties with a purpose.

One of the ladies, who have been in this job for eight years, informed us that they do work long hours, in all weathers, but street sweeping is a good job that helps feed their families and keeps our town clean.

Wearing reflector jacket wide brimmed hats to protect their face from the sun, thick boots and overalls, they set about sweeping the streets from all its unsightly mess day in and day out, from Okahandja Park to Kleine Kuppe.

Courtesy too: New Era.

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