Een boel te doen in Kaapstad

As unpredictable as its weather, diverse as its wildlife and  sophisticated as its world-famous wines, Cape Town is a city that’s  impossible to pin down.

Boasting of no medieval cathedrals or cloud-brushing feats of  architectural wonder,  Cape Town was built around its skyline, nesting in the grandfatherly  shadow of Table  Mountain, guarded by sentinel Lion’s Head and  sidekick Signal Hill.  The city and its geological monuments have charmed intrepid travellers for centuries, turning what began as a way-station for traders of the Dutch East India Company into the continent’s most talked-about destination. Part African, part European, it’s a place that does so many things well – from its surfable beaches to its drinkable vintages and enviable sunsets – even though it’s in no particular hurry to get things done. Like so many cities that enjoy more than their fair share of sun and sea, life in Cape Town moves at a leisure pace. Plenty of things happen here – just 30 minutes later than planned.

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