Go Wild in South Africa!

Across South Africa there are literally thousands of safari’s and game reserves that  range in size from the massive Kruger National Park which is bigger than the country of Ireland,  to locations that cover just a few acres.

At most you’ll get the chance to see the “big five”(rhino, lion, elephant, water  buffalo, leopard), but generally speaking there are two types of reserves/parks  to see South Africa’s game: almost wild –where animals are protected,  monitored, and sometimes fed — and pure wild, where there is no human  intervention.

Experiencing South Africa and its endless choices of game reserves and parks is  a must –no matter where you choose to go. Many of these reserves are not just  welcoming visitors, but are essential to the survival of these species.  Welgevonden and Aquila are two that are committed to ongoing development,  conservation and research, and of course human education and enjoyment. But there’s more…

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