China targets illegal wildlife trade

Conservationists often accuse China of not doing sufficient in the fight against illegal wildlife trade, but the country seems to step up its efforts. China has recently not only established an inter-agency CITES group – and is rewarded by CITES for its operations this year- , the Chinese are also cooperating with TRAFFIC to train hundreds of police.

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Top 15 growing economies: 10 from Africa

As the global economy totters from crisis to crisis, Africa is fast becoming a magnet for investments and a safe haven for international capital.

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EU firmly restricts Rhino horn trade

The current situation in Southern Africa as well as the fact that organised crime operators have been active across the European Union to acquire and trade rhino horns, caused theEuropean Commission on March 14 to announce further restrictions on the export of rhino horn across the EU.

In 20 jaar niet zoveel olifanten gestroopt

Despite recent attempts by soldiers in Cameroon to stop the mass slaughter of elephants, poachers are continuing to kill the animals in record numbers, the World Wildlife Fund said Thursday.  Tom Milliken, director of the wildlife trade monitoring netwerk TRAFFIC: “There has been an increased poaching assault like we haven’t seen in two decades.”

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