Kenya tourism, an unpolished diamond

Kenya’s beauty is not matched by its position in the world of tourism. This should really be one of the top tourist destinations in the World. Instead, Kenya is losing ground to many of its peers.

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Johannesburg gets its groove back

Johannesburg has more nicknames than you can shake a vuvuzela at. There’s the  convenient (Jo’burg), the casual (Jozi) and the cool (J-town); there’s the Anglo  (Joeys), the Zulu (eGoli, meaning “place of gold”) and the Afrikaans (Burg). Yet  for many visitors, they all spell the same thing: danger.

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Uganda has a special police for tourists

map of UgandaA unit of hundreds of police officers is responsible for the protection and security of all tourists in Uganda. [Lees meer…]

South Africa makes bid for medical tourism market

The Medical Tourism Association of South Africa (MTASA) has launched a new web portal designed to showcase the country’s high quality facilities for health, wellness and medical care.

“As a collective, we are here to ensure that medical tourists experience excellent service and high quality care throughout their stay in South Africa,” explained MTASA member Lorraine Melvill, of Johannesburg-based Surgeon & Safari.

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Cape Town tourism top 20

aerial view of Cape TownThere are a lot of things a traveller can do in Cape Town, South Africa. Here are 20 tips, especially for first time visitors.

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