Zuid-Afrika test alle mijnwerkers op TBC

South Africa wants to test hundreds of thousands of miners for tuberculosis and ensure sufferers get treatment over the next year, a government health official said Tuesday. Dr. David Mametja, head of the government’s TB fighting program, said the government is concerned the high prevalence of the disease among miners is holding an entire region back in the fight against TB.

The problem is particularly worrying given South Africa’s high rate of HIV infection. TB is the biggest killer of HIV-positive South Africans, whose resistance to disease is lowered.

Some fear a testing campaign will overwhelm the health system with new TB patients, Mametja said. But given that an infected person who is untreated can infect 10-15 other people in a year, and that late-stage TB is much more difficult and expensive to treat, Mametja said testing was crucial.

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