Bushmen Botswana can’t hunt, tourists can

Bushmen huntingBotswana banned hunting for Bushmen, but not for wealthy tourists. Even if the San people, as their official name is, feed their families with it, they are not permitted to hunt anymore. Without it they are at risk of starvation and part of their culture is lost.

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Botswana Bushmen fight for ancestral land

bushmen-women-in-botswana-okavango-deltaDozens of Botswana Bushmen threatened with eviction reportedly because they live in an area proposed as a ‘wildlife corridor’, have won a significant court victory in their struggle to stay on their ancestral lands.

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Heavy rainfall causes damages in Botswana

Botswana weather chartHeavy rainfall causes severe damage to roads and bridges in the Northern parts of Botswana. The rain is not going to stop shortly in Botswana and the surrounding countries. People are warned to bring them selves in safety. 

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Boek en documentaire over muzikant Ratsie Setlhako

Herdenking van Ratsie Sethako de grote folklore zanger van BotswanaHij zou in 1976 zijn gestorven als een pauper, maar door middel van een boek en een documentaire zal de folklorist, muzikant en kunstenaar  Ratsie Setlhako uit Botswana alsnog in staan zijn om vanuit zijn  graf zijn familie te onderhouden.


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Botswana Bushmen cheated out of their land

Bushemen BotswanaThe Basarwa or bushmen in Botswana are cheated out of their traditional territory by rich land developers and real estate compagnies. They cheaply take advantage of the poor economic situation of the Basarwa.  Places that used to be home to more thousands of Bushmen, are now turning into a suburb with multi residential houses.

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Wachten op de moesson in Botswana

Het lange wachten op de moesson is begonnen in Botswana. De droogte houdt aan. Het einde van het jaar jaar 2012 is in zicht. De  laatste dagen hebben de boeren in Borolong Botswana  een sterk gevoel van deja vu. Precies een jaar geleden was er ook  tandengeknars omdat de regens nog niet in zicht waren.

Botswana wacht op de regens

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Gilded Sands mode uit Botswana

Gilded Sands is mode uit Botswana van Aobakwe Molosiwa, een rijzende ster in de fashion wereld van Botswana en inmiddels ver er buiten. Het kwam niet eens  in zijn hoofd op dat zijn kleding lijn, Gilded Sands zich zou  ontwikkelen tot een van de meest formidabele fashion labels in Botswana. De jongeman is slechts 22 jaar oud, maar nu al is zijn verhaal te lezen  als een hoofdstuk uit een beroemde roman.

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Female sex workers Botswana always at risk

Sex workers in BotswanaRejected by their communities they are, the ‘ladies of the night’ of Botswana.  The female sex workers are not only at risk of being robbed in the streets or assaulted by clients, they also have to contend with stigma from health care providers as well as abuse and rape by law enforcement officers.

2012 floods Okavango Delta heavy and early

Every year the Okavango Delta in Botswana floods. But the year 2012 will enter the books as an extraordinary one: the flooding this year comes almost two months earlier than normal with an amount of water the Delta alone does not process. The result: dry rivers in the area have started flowing again…

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Conservation by travelling in the ‘Tracks of Giants’

Olifanten op een eiland in de zambezi

Olifanten in de Zambezi

On May 1 conservationists Ian McCallum and Ian Michler will start a journey which takes them 5000 kilometers trough six countries in Southern Africa. They are  travelling in the “Tracks of Giants”, to attract attention to the environment and the animals and people in it.

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