Canopy tours in South Afrika

Flying trhough de trees of South Africa

Canopy Tours in South Africa are one of the most amazing ways to see nature: ancient forests, rocky gorges… basically places that you are normally on ground level at, looking up. Here you are up in the sky looking into the heart of the forest.

Durban fastest growing destination in Africa

Johannesburg will get the most visitors, but Durban is the fastest growing city in Africa for visitor numbers and expenditure. This is according to the latest Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index.


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Sightseeing buses come to Johannesburg

Tourists travelling to Johannesburg in South Africa will be treated on a new way to explore the city. Already well known in cities all over the world to practice some easy sightseeing, the ‘hop-on, hop-off’ buses will be coming to ‘Jozi’ in January 2013. And of course, they will be in recognizabe and iconic red.

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Groot aantal Nederlanders bezoekt Zuid-Afrika

Meer dan 8 miljoen toeristen hebben Zuid-Afrika in 2011 bezocht. Dat is 3,3% meer dan tijdens het WK Voetbal in 2010. Het land staat ook in de warme belangstelling van Nederlanders.

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Johannesburg gets its groove back

Johannesburg has more nicknames than you can shake a vuvuzela at. There’s the  convenient (Jo’burg), the casual (Jozi) and the cool (J-town); there’s the Anglo  (Joeys), the Zulu (eGoli, meaning “place of gold”) and the Afrikaans (Burg). Yet  for many visitors, they all spell the same thing: danger.

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