Kabok is built on rhino poaching

Kabok in Mozambique is a town that is getting wealthy by poaching rhinoKabok is a ‘rhino town’. The hidden village on the western border of Mozambique  is one of the strongholds for rhino poachers. They earn hundreds of  thousands euro’s with the trade in horns of killed rhino’s in South Africa. They are almost  untouchable. Nor the army, nor the police can arrest the gang leaders.

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Toerisme zonder grenzen in Afrika

Toerisme ambtenaren van de Gemeenschappelijke Markt voor Oostelijk en Zuidelijk Afrika (Comesa) werken aan een toerismemarkt zonder grenzen. Het plan is onderdeel van inspanningen om een duurzame toeristische industrie in alle 19 lidstaten tot stand te brengen.

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The man who planted 100 million trees

Pedro Muagura is a man with a mission. He doesn’t fight for the rights of humans or animals, he fights for the rights of plants. His commitment to restore natural habitat in his country Mozambique has led to a green frenzy without an equal. Soon he will reach the milestone of planting 100 million trees.

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Conservation by travelling in the ‘Tracks of Giants’

Olifanten op een eiland in de zambezi

Olifanten in de Zambezi

On May 1 conservationists Ian McCallum and Ian Michler will start a journey which takes them 5000 kilometers trough six countries in Southern Africa. They are  travelling in the “Tracks of Giants”, to attract attention to the environment and the animals and people in it.

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