In Zimbabwe 100 children die daily

A recent medical report has revealed that an average of 100 children under five years of age are dying every day in Zimbabwe, mostly due to preventable causes before and during the first month after birth.

According  to the survey titled 2010 Global Systematic Analysis of National Causes of Child Mortality Report  around 10 758 newborn babies die each year in Zimbabwe, primarily due to pre-term delivery (37%), asphyxia (27%) and infection (19%).

A senior Health ministry official, Gibson Mhlanga, attributed most of the deaths to lack of basic equipment at public health institutions.

“There is a shortage of basic equipment and basic skills to ensure that we do not lose any of our babies, partly due to brain drain, but also because in terms of numbers the workers that we have on the ground are still way below our expectations,” said Mhlanga.

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