Botswana Bushmen fight for ancestral land

bushmen-women-in-botswana-okavango-deltaDozens of Botswana Bushmen threatened with eviction reportedly because they live in an area proposed as a ‘wildlife corridor’, have won a significant court victory in their struggle to stay on their ancestral lands.

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Heavy rainfall causes damages in Botswana

Botswana weather chartHeavy rainfall causes severe damage to roads and bridges in the Northern parts of Botswana. The rain is not going to stop shortly in Botswana and the surrounding countries. People are warned to bring them selves in safety. 

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Ngonye Falls Park crucial wildlife corridor

The opening of Ngonye Falls Park in Zambia is  a crucial wildlife corridor between national parks of five Africans countries.  It lies a few hundred kilometres upstream from Victoria Falls. Its one of the main wildlife corridors between Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia.

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Female sex workers Botswana always at risk

Sex workers in BotswanaRejected by their communities they are, the ‘ladies of the night’ of Botswana.  The female sex workers are not only at risk of being robbed in the streets or assaulted by clients, they also have to contend with stigma from health care providers as well as abuse and rape by law enforcement officers.

2012 floods Okavango Delta heavy and early

Every year the Okavango Delta in Botswana floods. But the year 2012 will enter the books as an extraordinary one: the flooding this year comes almost two months earlier than normal with an amount of water the Delta alone does not process. The result: dry rivers in the area have started flowing again…

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Enorm nieuw reservaat zuidelijk Afrika

Vijf landen in zuidelijk Afrika hebben donderdag overeenstemming bereikt over de vorming van het grootste internationale natuurreservaat ter wereld.

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