Mandela: a speech for the future

Portrait of Nelson MandelaNewspapers allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, and we must be brave enough to look squarely at the reflections.” One of the statements of Nelson Mandela, for which he is famous. When you combine his quotes, you get the story of his believes, his convictions. You get a speech for the future.

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The life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has passed awayNelson Mandela struggled for freedom throughout his life. He took up arms in the Apartheid era, but united South Africa in peace after he got out of prison. ‘Madiba’ became an example and inspired people all over the world. Take a look at the life of Nelson Mandela, who made that world a better place.

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Canopy tours in South Afrika

Flying trhough de trees of South Africa

Canopy Tours in South Africa are one of the most amazing ways to see nature: ancient forests, rocky gorges… basically places that you are normally on ground level at, looking up. Here you are up in the sky looking into the heart of the forest.

Economic situation may cost lion lives

Sixteen lions on a South African game reserve are facing death because of a shortage of funds to feed them. The SanWild sanctuary, in Limpopo province, has issued an urgent appeal for donations to save the three prides of 14 adults and two cubs.

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South Africa pleads for e-visa

There are barriers for tourists who want to travel to Africa, which can easily be broken. The introduction of e-visas for example will serve not only to grow tourism volumes but will also create new job opportunities, Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk of South Africa thinks.

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Durban fastest growing destination in Africa

Johannesburg will get the most visitors, but Durban is the fastest growing city in Africa for visitor numbers and expenditure. This is according to the latest Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index.


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Sightseeing buses come to Johannesburg

Tourists travelling to Johannesburg in South Africa will be treated on a new way to explore the city. Already well known in cities all over the world to practice some easy sightseeing, the ‘hop-on, hop-off’ buses will be coming to ‘Jozi’ in January 2013. And of course, they will be in recognizabe and iconic red.

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Wine tourism South Africa best developed

South Africa’s wine tourism has been rated the best-developed in the world  by International Wine Review, one of the world’s most influential opinion formers on  wine.

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Trade in lion bones surging

The trade in rhino horn to Asian countries has opened an avenue for the sale of lion carcasses — their bones are being used to replace those of tigers in the making of traditional Eastern wines and for bogus medicinal purposes.

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Proof early use of fire found in South Africa

At the Wonderwerk Cave In South Africa scientists found evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago. That is 300.000 years earlier than believed until now.

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