“Bestrijding malaria loopt 50 jaar achter”

Met 25 procent minder doden wereldwijd in de laatste tien jaar lijkt het goed te gaan met de bestrijding van de malariamug. Maar die bestrijding leunt wel erg eenzijdig op het gebruik van chemische insecticiden. Dat is zeer riskant, menen Amerikaanse en Wageningse entomologen en experts op het gebied van biologische bestrijding.

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Zuid-Afrika test alle mijnwerkers op TBC

South Africa wants to test hundreds of thousands of miners for tuberculosis and ensure sufferers get treatment over the next year, a government health official said Tuesday. Dr. David Mametja, head of the government’s TB fighting program, said the government is concerned the high prevalence of the disease among miners is holding an entire region back in the fight against TB.

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South Africa makes bid for medical tourism market

The Medical Tourism Association of South Africa (MTASA) has launched a new web portal designed to showcase the country’s high quality facilities for health, wellness and medical care.

“As a collective, we are here to ensure that medical tourists experience excellent service and high quality care throughout their stay in South Africa,” explained MTASA member Lorraine Melvill, of Johannesburg-based Surgeon & Safari.

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